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Lean Thinking for Competitive Advantage Series: Session 4

Session 4: Learn to See Eight Forms of Waste and Discern Value-add Activity vs. Non Value-add

Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2023 Time: 8:30 am Location(s): Virtual on Zoom
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Join WMA for this eight-part series for foundational lean education. Sessions will be every other Tuesday from 8:30 – 9:30 AM. starting with Session One on Aug 29, ending with Session Eight on Dec 5. Sessions will be comprised of a 45 minute presentation and a 15 minute Q & A. individuals who attend at all eight sessions will earn a White Belt certificate.

All proceeds will go to fund scholarships for graduating high school students.


WMA and Chamber Members: $20 per session or $105 for the entire series

Not Yet Members: $30 per session or $160 for the entire series

Students: $10 per session or $50 for the entire series

Student Discount Code: studentlean23


Hessam Vali, PhD, MBA, CSSBB

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Otegrity Solutions &

Techam Solutions

Bryce Pfister, P.E., SSBB

Vice President & General Manager, Collins Bus Corporation

Mahdi Kashani, PhD

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Techam Solutions

Jeff Methe, WMA Board of Directors, CSSBB, COE

Director of Operations, Great Plains Industries


Below is a full series overview. Click on a specific session below if choosing to register for individual sessions only.


Transforming Your Business… Lean Thinking for Competitive Advantage

  1. Understand Why Lean is Essential to Manufacturing
  2. Understanding Basic Premise of Lean | Understanding Value and Value Stream​
  3. Essential Components of Lean | Value – Value Stream – Flow – Pull – Perfection​
  4. Learn to See Eight Forms of Waste and Discern Value-Add Activity vs. Non-Value Add
  5. Basic Building Blocks of Lean | 5S, Visual Factory, TPM, Std. Work, RCCA, Kaizen, etc.
  6. Basic Performance Measures, Key Performance Indicator (KPIs), for a Lean Operation
  7. Transformational Leadership – Nature of Change, and Bringing About Lean Change
  8. Elements of Lean Roadmap and How to Build