News Release: Top Management Panel at 2023 WITS

News Release

Top Management Panel

October 18th, 2023

Century II 2nd Floor Peach Room 201 A & B

Complimentary Breakfast at 7:30 AM hosted by WMA

Panel at 7:50 AM

 As a cornerstone event for the 2023 Wichita Industrial Trade Show (WITS), the Wichita Manufacturers Association (WMA), will host a Top Management Panel on the morning of October 18th in Century II.  The panel discussion is focused on addressing a topic of mutual interest to manufacturing devotees in the greater Wichita region.  The topic for the 2023 WMA Top Management Panel is:

Manufacturing 2023 – Growth Challenges and Opportunities

Three management leaders representing various diverse business support segments in the region will share their views on opportunities available to meet and facilitate growth challenges.  After the panel presentations the floor will be opened to questions from attendees on the topic.


Amanda Duncan, Vice President, Chief Business Development Officer, Workforce Alliance – South-Central Ks

Leveraged Training:  Addressing the opportunities available in the region to leverage government programs to provide training for current and future employees.

Tariq Azmi, Director of Compliance – Soteria Technology Solutions Wichita Ks

Cyber Security Strategy:  Building a Resilient Organization, Understanding and Mitigating Risks

Andy Jonas, Manager, Wichita State University NIAR Advanced Machining and Prototyping Lab (AMP)

Developing Products and Processes: Explain the capabilities offered to the region by the Advanced Machining and Prototyping Lab (AMP) and how manufacturing companies can engage the services in a rapid product development project.

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